Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Celebrating one year with lots of customers

Cheronn Collins, a subscriber from RE/MAX Pros in Kensington, Maryland, had reached her six-month point with HouseValues without a closed transaction. She was frustrated, but he read about other subscribers on the Mastermind Forum who had also taken a few months to start seeing their Internet leads mature into customers. Rather than get frustrated, she decided to buckle down and keep working hard with her leads.

That was six months ago. This month, as Cheronn celebrates one year with HouseValues, she has one closed transaction, and another settlement scheduled for the 24th. She’s actively showing properties to two other buyers found through, and she has two more buyer consultations scheduled this weekend.

Great work Cheronn! You're proof that a long-term approach to marketing and pipeline development will pay off!

Categories: Customer_Success_Stories, Turnaround_Stories