Monday, June 19, 2006

HomePages Heats Up

Traffic at HomePages is really heating up. We reported last week that traffic to the full HouseValues network of sites exceeded two million unique visitors in May, but a closer look at HomePages traffic specifically shows just how dramatically traffic has grown on the new site in the past three months.

Between March and May 2006, according to Nielsen NetRatings, traffic to HomePages increased almost six-fold, thanks to aggressive television and online advertising, as well as growing buzz in the media. Thanks in part to the dramatic HomePages growth, traffic to our network of consumers sites is up 64 percent in the same period.

The big winners of this growth? Our customers. In May, thanks to more than one million consumers visiting HomePages across the country, real estate agents generated broad awareness and traffic for themselves and their listings. The stories of agents winning listing presentations and more business thanks to HomePages continue to pile up!