Friday, April 21, 2006

A skeptic becomes a believer

I had to share this story from our seminar in Cleveland last week, as told to me by our national trainer Bruce Downs:

"One attendee stood up at the beginning of the seminar and shared with the entire group (mostly subscribers in attendance) that HouseValues was “ripping agents off,” further stating “none of the four agents in my office who are subscribing have ever had success with the leads” etc. etc.

I asked him if the other four agents were in attendance (they weren’t), and I proceeded to complement this person on his being willing to be at the seminar in light of his experience.

At the end of the day, he was a completely different person he thanked me many times over for opening his eyes and showing him how to incorporate all the tools in Market Leader into his entire business, and how success can be created with the leads."

I know I speak for our entire seminar team when I say that I find it personally rewarding when agents come to our seminars, and especially when they come back again and again to learn more. They appreciate the fact that we remember them. It makes HouseValues feel personal to them, and they are always willing to share their success with the other agents in the room. They all say they learn something new each time they attend.