Thursday, February 02, 2006

Live from Cincinnati, it's HomePages!

We announced today the launch of 33 new markets on HomePages (including Cincinnati, featured in the screen shot here). What's particularly exciting about this for us is the fact that, for consumers in those markets, it's like the product just launched. It's exciting to talk with press in those markets who are playing with the site for the first time, and getting really excited - finding their own homes, finding their office, and seeing just how powerful it is to search for homes not just based on the house itself, but based on the neighborhood and local features important to every home buyer.

Consumer momentum and awareness is also growing at a rapid rate. In just the past week, I've heard several inbound stories from our real estate agent customers who have had customers walk into their office, and say they want their home listed on One agent actually called in and said her prospective client would only list with her if her home would be on HomePages. Not a bad reason to become a subscriber!