Saturday, February 11, 2006

Inspiring real estate agents nationwide

For several years, we've produced what we call at HouseValues a series of "Profiles in Success". The original idea was to write a customer success story, and print it on what would essentially look like the back of a baseball card - a picture of the successful agents, some of his or her "success stats", and a short story explaining how he or she has become so successful.

We've developed hundreds of these Profiles now, many of which are now featured on the Agent Success Network. Even more customer success stories are now featured on Agent CEO, a new Web site hosted by Claudia Wicks, our director of real estate training and content.

We use these profiles in our marketing, but they've also been insipirational to new customers just starting out with HouseValues. It's incredibly powerful for new customers to read story after story of other agents, just like them and often in their own market, seeing success and making dramatically higher incomes using the HouseValues system.

If you're interested in seeing more of these Profiles in Success as they're published, check out Claudia's Agent CEO site. She regularly publishes links to new profiles, some interviews with successful agents, and other advice coming out of our subscriber base. Better yet, use the email subscription service on her site to have new profiles sent straight to you when they're published.