Monday, January 30, 2006

HouseValues Webinars take off

For years, HouseValues has hosted regular teleconference calls and live in-market seminars to educate its real estate professional customers on how to use its products, help customers network with each other, and generally learn more strategies and best practices towards becoming more successful.

In mid-2005, HouseValues started experimenting with Webinars as well. These turned out to be very popular with customers, to the point where now HouseValues operates 4-5 Webinars in a typical week. The nature of these Webinars vary - some focus specifically on agent best practices, some focus on strategies for getting more value out of the Market Leader prospect management system. But each enable customers to interact live with a HouseValues coach.

The high-touch, personalized-care approach at HouseValues continues to be a priority, and has been a key component to our success thus far.