Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Testimonial

I have been with House Values for 3 years now. During the first year the commissions I generated from HV leads were about twice what the leads cost me. Ok, but certainly not exciting. In the second year, the commisions were 10 times the cost of the leads. Now we're talking. And this past year, the commissions were 20 times the cost of my leads. WOW! House Values is now my main source of new business, and past clients make up the rest. In addition, I have been able to dramatically reduce both my advertising and mailing costs. In fact, I spend less now to generate business than I used to, and that includes the cost of my HV subscription.

The increase in my HV business demonstrates that the internet consumer is not always motivated to act quickly. Here's a prime example. In September, 2007 I had a call from a prospect who requested a CMA in March of 2005. Because the CMA was for a cottage rather than a principal residence, I was unable to locate or find a phone number for this customer. I just left him on the drip campaign for Long Term Seller followed by the Email farm campaign. When he called me, all he said was that he was ready now. No question of him even interviewing anyone else. I double ended his cottage at $450,000 in 2 days, and double ended a cottage owned by the buyer in two weeks.

This is a great system made easy with drip campaigns to help you keep in touch with past as well as future clients. Your staff in training, customer care, and accounts have been very supportive and helpful. There may not be a magtic bullet for Realtors, but for me, this is as close as it comes.

Best wishes to everyone at House Values for a fantastic 2008.

Renée Good Broker & Accredited Staging Professional

RE/MAX Orillia Realty (1996) Ltd.