Friday, January 19, 2007

Once Skeptical About Buying Leads, Now a True Believer

An inspiring turnaround story here from 30 year real estate agent Aleta Galusha out of Holmdel, NJ about how the HouseValues system has taken her business to new levels. She shares how HouseValues' employees Joyce Juntunen and Bruce Downs, to name a few, have made it possible to be as successful as she is today.

“I joined approximately 3 1/2 years ago with a bit of skepticism as I had been a Realtor ® for 30 years and thought 'buying' leads was not really necessary, but Joyce Juntunen quoted all of the NAR statistics (which were correct AND known to me) and convinced me to try it for a year.

I was rather unimpressed during that first year or two but attended HouseValues Seminars whenever you came to the NJ area. Bruce Downs gave most of those seminars and I left with at least one new idea each time.

When I implemented some of those ideas like hand delivery of the Pre-Listing Packets with the CMA in the packet, it started heating up. I got my first HV listing a year and a half ago. Then another a few months ago. Then I invested in a new subscription since my first subscription was covered back to day one and forward into the next year. Then I got an email from a prospect that I first connected with 1/4/2004! I am listing her home on 1/27/2007! Talk about drip campaigns paying off! At one of the more recent seminars that I attended, Bruce told us to automatically update CMAs which I did. She thanked me for keeping in touch with her and said it was time for her to make her move. Could it have been that updated CMA?

One thing I failed to mention is that through my first listing, I was introduced to the parents of that first seller. I did a presentation to them on the marketing of their incredible mansion in one of our most prestigious areas. I didn't secure the listing the first time around, but they called me in early October to list their home in December. Details on this home are to follow on a future report.

The Webinars, Mastermind calls and seminars have all contributed to my having become a believer. I'm glad I listened to Joyce Juntunen and gave this system a chance. After all, her real estate experience is vast for such a young woman... why, she began as a 4 year old attending office sales meetings and weekly caravans. She's my first daughter.”

Sincerely yours,

Aleta Galusha
CRS, Broker-Salesperson, E-Pro, Certified E-Marketing Specialist, Member of the Council of Residential Specialists, NJAR Circle of Excellence