Monday, January 15, 2007

Internet leads are like microwave popcorn and Market Leader is the microwave

"If you were to open this bag and look at the kernels, can you tell me which ones are going to pop and which ones are the duds or old maids? No, just like internet leads, you can not tell which ones will pop into a transaction and which ones will not. It is important to treat all leads the same.

Once you turn on your microwave do your kernels pop right away? No, the microwave warms them up then slowly one pops, then slowly another one, then more start popping. Not all of the kernels pop but you enjoy the ones that do.

The same applies with internet leads; they do not pop into transactions right away. Market Leader warms them up and after a while one turns into a transaction then another and then another etc.

Enjoy the ones that POP!"

-Brenda Hakimi
HousesValues Agent Coach