Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Closed Over 6 Million In Sales

“The point I am making is that the system does work. I have worked the leads from HouseValues & JustListed but I took the funnel part of my mission to a new level. HouseValues & JustListed is a total package that like farming, bring the harvest in.

I do all this because I also have a fear that the market will slow down one day. I realize that if this happens someone in my market will be making it work, why can't it be me?
I know agents in your market that are making it. They send me referrals all the time. Why is that? Don't give up! Make it fit your business. You have a great support system with everyone that is a HouseValues & JustListed member not just the coaching staff. I've been told that your city and mine have some similarities. As a former Californian you’re more than welcome to give me a call or send me an email to bounce ideas.

I have been with HouseValues & JustListed for two years and closed over 6 million in sales. Hope you'll stay to enjoy the ride.”

-Tony Martinez