Friday, December 08, 2006

System Builds Intimate Relationships with Little Effort

Tim Rogers shares on the MasterMind forum how his HouseValues system incubates his prospects for him so he can move in and close the deal when they are ready:

“So I'm sitting in my office this morning minding my own business when the phone rings and it is a HouseValues lead from Virginia that I completed a CMA for about two months ago. I put her on the short term seller email campaign and -Splash- today she calls and wants me to list her home in State College, PA.

The most interesting part of the conversation was her comment that we had been talking for two months about selling her home. I can assure you I never talked with her once. The drip campaign emails did all of the talking but in her mind we had been talking the entire two months. Her tone on the phone was that of someone that she was familiar with and had talked with many times.

How great is this! Now the work begins but it wouldn't have happened without HouseValues.”