Thursday, December 07, 2006

"It Is Funny How Things Turn Out"

The HouseValues MasterMind fourm is a hot spot for subscribers to give their success tips to other agents. JustListed subscriber David Weiner gives useful tips on how to work the system and leads:

"In response to Yolanda about phony emails, let me point out a coincidence that happen to me just yesterday. I received a JustListed request and MarketLeader let the email is a duplicate. After checking my Listbuilder, I found out the email address was different by one numeral!! Turns out I could never originally send out information from way back in April, so automatically I had just archived it and moved on. Now I get this new request with the similar email and I called the number to find out was an agent trying to locate properties in a certain price range!! As polite as I could be, I did point out this really good program is for homeowners/buyers. If she would like to participate with HouseValues or JustListed I would recommend her. So now I have $50 credit coming on a new referral, plus I have someone who is working with me on co-brokering properties.... all I can say.....funny how things happen. While it may seem like a phony email, you can check the phone number of the person, or by the address given. If all else fails simply Archive it but do not delete may come back in the future as something you can write here in the MasterMind forum!!"