Monday, November 13, 2006

Lifetime Customer

Bachittar Singh HouseValues a three month subscriber shares a valuable lesson he learned about sticking with the system with other agents on the HouseValues MasterMind forum.

"I was very frustrated after couple months of joining the HouseValues. Prospects told me they were not interested and just wanted to see what’s available or houses were too expensive for them to afford. Other prospects I received didn't give me their phone number or left a fake e-mail. It was very frustrating for me to pay money. I'm new in this business and wasn't making any money to spend so I had another job so I could pay to HouseValues. Finally, my phone rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Early in the morning when I was still in the bed and thinking that I couldn’t afford to have HouseValues membership. They wanted to make an appointment with me to look at the houses. They came over looked at the houses and they liked my service. Wow! They also wanted me to do their loan. Unfortunately their loan won't approve but I’m working with them to improve their credit so they can buy house in next couple months. But they are my life clients now."