Friday, November 10, 2006

"Give It Time and Work Each Lead"

Michael and Frances Gaglione, HouseValues subscribers out of Staten Island, NY shared a great turnaround story on the HouseValues MasterMind Forum yesterday:

“I have been a HouseValues/JustListed subscriber since 2004. I also joined HomePages in 2006. I have not posted many things on this forum, but I would like to express my feelings about this whole system. When I first joined it was very frustrating because I was spending a lot of money and no success. I thought about throwing in the towel many times, but kept my head high and worked very hard with each lead that I received. As of today, I have closed 15 JustListed, 3 HouseValues, and 0 HomePages. I would like to tell the new agents that have joined that they must give it time and work each lead and you will succeed. Good luck to all.”