Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Ingredients for Building Relationships from the Start

(1) A dedicated real estate agent
Kathleen Rodriguez with Realty Mart of Texas out of San Antonio, TX has been a HouseValues subscriber for one month and is committed to success.

(2) Commitment to working all leads and consistent follow up
In her first month with HouseValues, Kathleen is already corresponding with three buyer leads from her JustListed pipeline. She is getting ready to meet with her first JustListed client who is pre-qualified and is relocating to the area.

(3) Connect with other agents to learn best practices
Kathleen finds it valuable to listen to the advice of other HouseValues subscribers on how they are successfully building relationships with their clients.

(4) Fresh Baked Cookies
Kathleen is incorporating the best practices of other subscribers who are having success building relationships early on into her follow up strategy. She recently hand-delivered cookies during the initial visit with a listing client. The result? The client loved the cookies and thanked her three times!