Monday, September 04, 2006

Treating every lead equally

We encourage our customers to treat all of their leads equally. The idea is, you just never know which leads are going to convert quickly, which leads might need a little time, etc.

This post from the HouseValues Mastermind Forum is proof that a little bit of work can often lead to a big payday!

I received a general inquiry from a couple in CA looking for information on two homes in Seattle that appealed to them. I responded the same day with their information and inquired about whether they would like to receive home listings. I never got a response, so I took a risk and sent them anyway based solely on the information they gave me from their initial inquiry - letting them know that I can change the search criteria at any time.

Today I received an email from the wife thanking me for all the hard work I've been doing and their thanks for the listings. She asked that I please continue if it wasn't too much trouble. They will be coming up to WA in October and want me to show them a few homes they are interested in looking at - in the $800k - $1.2M range!!

Good thing I didn't just give up on them when they never responded. I thought, well if they don't want the home listings, they will unsubscribe or email me. If they are looking at them, there I will be - in front of them and maybe they'll consider contacting me.

What did I have to lose? Nothing ... It looks like I may gain instead! :)