Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dream Results for Dream Home Financial

Ron Van Elsis from Dream Home Financial joined HouseValues this past June, looking to accelerate the growth of his mortgage business with mortgage consumer leads.

The 15-year mortgage industry veteran already has one closing, another closer, and two others in the near-term pipeline. He anticipates commissions exceeding $12,000 in September alone, and another 10 closings in the coming months - just based on his current pipeline.

The secrets to his success? According to Ron, it's been lead quality, speedy follow-up with consumers, and his outstanding team of real estate professionals.

"Data-base management is what it's all about," Ron says. "If they don't want my services now, they could easily want it a year down the line."

Great job Ron, we look forward to watching more of your success with HouseValues!