Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Building a BILLION Dollar Pipeline

A billion-dollar pipeline might sound like a pipe dream (no pun intended), but several HouseValues customers are doing just that.

Last week's MasterMind Call featured Sherry Daminski, an Agent CEO from Northern Virginia, has been featured on several past Mastermind Calls with her numerous creative prospecting and marketing ideas. Over the past three years, Sherry has celebrated a number of successes, including her record $100,000 gross commission month and being selected the Agent of the Year in 2004.

Having grown a pipeline of over 15,000 prospects in just over three years, with a database worth over $1.3 BILLION dollars, this MasterMind is continually on the cutting edge of the newest prospecting and marketing strategies. Last week, she shared steps for success that have grossed her over $20 million in volume year-to-date, and earned her almost $500,000 in gross commissions so far in 2006.

To hear Sherry's Mastermind Call, as well as other recent calls, click here.

During last week's call, Sherry referenced a 15-page spiral-bound package she sends as follow-up to many of her leads. Below are links to all 15 pages of her package. Thank you Sherry for sharing these with other agents!

* Title Page
* Letter to Seller
* Activity vs. Timing
* Benefits of a Realtor
* Days on Market Chart
* Sales Price vs. Days on Market Chart
* Sales Price with List
* Effect of Over-Pricing
* Estimation of List Price
* CMA Explanation
* Importance of Pricing
* Listing Details
* Min Max Summary
* My Guarantee to You
* Pitfalls of Over-Pricing
* Setting the Price
* Sources of Buyers
* Steps to a Positive Showing
* Summary List
* Table Summary of Solds