Thursday, August 17, 2006

Working the system

When I walk through our coaching department, I frequently hear our coaches mentoring agents with consistent matras, one of which is "you get out of it what you put into it." Put another way, the agents who proactively cultivate and manage their prospective customers through Market Leader typically see the best results.

Below are a few best practices from one such active agent, including a sample of the results she's achieved using this strategy. Way to go!

I have used HouseValues for just over 300 days. When I do floor, if someone calls and wants to know more about a listing I ask for a phone number to call them back if we get disconnected. I also ask for an email address to send the listing directly to their email. I also ask if they are looking for homes and if so I ask if they would like to receive listings directly to their email for free. Most say yes if they are looking. Also if a person does not have an email address but is looking I use the HouseValues system to keep track of them and events in our relationship, just listed a place last week working like this and I am also trying to find this person a new place.

This year so far I have closed about 6+ using the HouseValues system and three were all over $400,000 with commissions on my side of over 4%.