Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two mortgage professionals, two success stories

A couple quick success stories from our lender customers, who are working prospective home buyers with a network of local real estate agents.

William Morris is with Fairfield Mortgage in Lancaster, Ohio, and joined HouseValues in June of 2005. His network of real estate agents is working a large pipeline of prospects that he said are producing new closings for him every month. He's always hungry for more, but the closings have been consistent all summer.

Charles Masse is with Mortgage Force LLC in Newton, CT, and joined HouseValues almost two years ago. He's currently seeing 4-5 prospects close per month due to a new tactic with calling the prospects. The loan officers are calling as soon as they send the lead over to the agent and being sure NOT to treat it like a mortgage lead. They are saying “I’m representing JustListed and I wanted to follow up with you regarding the online request you made. The JustListed agent will be in touch with you shortly but the best way to get things going with any agent is to get pre-qualified. As a JustListed pre-qual specialist I would like to help you make that start."

Great work William and Charles, it's exciting to see your success!