Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Success from Century 21

Chad and Jen Claybaugh are HouseValues subscribers from Century 21 Harman Realty, and had this to say last night on the HouseValues Mastermind Forum:

"For quite a while we worked the system and actually had a hard time getting our first listing but we kept trying to be optimistic and finally it started to pay off. We just listed a 6th HouseValues/JustListed lead and we'll be listing another two in the next couple of weeks. We have a HouseValues/JustListed lead listed right now and her next home under contract. She was a lead that came in with no phone number but we sent her listings anyway and one day she called and said we had been emailing her properties and she didn't know how we knew she was looking for a home but anyways, we listed her home at full commission and now she's buying a home from us too. Actually every HouseValues/JustListed lead we've listed was a full commission.

It's interesting and mind boggling to me how some people can be in the real estate business for years and never have any real success and others in the business the same amount of time have so much success. I am not sure exactly what all the reasons are for the difference but I know that one thing that has made a HUGE difference for me is having a optimistic attitude and trying to mirror the successful people."