Monday, August 28, 2006

He's back, and already successful...

Nice comments here by Manuel Torres, a subscriber in Miami for the second time. He was with us in 2001-2002, but joined again earlier this year.

“I started with HouseValues in August 2001 and continued my subscription until March 2002. During this time, I did real estate in a very challenging market and the Internet was not being utilized in the industry the way it is today. I enjoyed my experience, but wasn’t taking the leads seriously. I wasn’t as prepared as I would’ve liked to have been when it came to following up with the leads. I wasted a lot of time sitting back and waiting for these leads to react. I expected quick results with little effort."

"When I left HouseValues, I noticed a lot of the leads I had received and kept in my database started responding and eventually transacting. I was even getting referral business from these leads. My decision to come back to HouseValues in March 2006 was made easy. I compared the dollar amount spent on online advertising on my own to the national advertising, exclusive leads, and marketing tools provided through HouseValues and knew I needed to invest in this system again.

"I’ve been back with HouseValues for almost six months and am working the leads seriously. I’ve already taken a listing! I use the contact management system in Market Leader to build relationships with sellers. It allows me to keep in touch with them until they find a buyer and maintain them once they transact. I understand now that it takes time and expect to have great success.”