Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bad Lead? Think again...

Connie Marks is a top-producing real estate agent from One Source Realty-GMAC in El Cajon, California. She's been a HouseValues subscriber for more than two years, and was an early convert to the philosophy that all Internet home buyers and sellers should be treated the same.

Case in point:

Connie received a home valuation request back in May 2004 from a homeowner who told Connie at the time that she was not interested in selling, and instead would rent out the place to her daughter.

The other day, more than two years later and out of the blue, the homeowner called Connie and said she wanted to sell right away. Turns out, she and her daughter were moving to New Mexico.

In Connie's words: "You just never know!"

Proof that all prospects are good prospects, if you have the right follow-up marketing systems and work to build a pipeline of long-term business. If Connie hadn't followed up and built a relationship with that prospect over the past two years, that impending commission check would not have been!