Monday, July 31, 2006

Tools for Success

Our business is measured by the success of our customers, so it's particularly exciting to see comments sent in like this from customers across the country. This is from Orren Bateman, an Agent CEO and HouseValues customer in Sandy, Utah. Orren has been with HouseValues since early 2004.

I am a raving fan of HouseValues because the company regularly exceeds my expectations. The high quality advertising HouseValues produces motivates prospects to fill-out a form online so my first phone call can be a natural conversation instead of a lengthy interrogation.

Before I discovered HouseValues two years ago, I was working 80 hours a week because I didn’t have an efficient system for staying in touch with my prospects, past clients, and my sphere of influence. Now that I have imported all those people into Market Leader they automatically get at least two emails a month and I see a list each day of who I need to call. Any lead (or referral), from whatever source, becomes more valuable when you manage it in Market leader.

It’s really nice to have a steady stream of leads coming in and HouseValues offers more than just leads. It is a comprehensive set of tools and resources that educate me, motivate me, and help me be more productive so I can give more personal attention to my active clients.