Monday, May 01, 2006

HouseValues in Realtor Magazine

HouseValues is featured in several places in this month's Realtor Magazine cover story on the Power of Internet Marketing. Our favorite part is the following anecdote about Doug Lofstrom's success with a combined online and offline prospect cultivation strategy:

"In what may be the ultimate marriage of high and low tech, Doug Lofstrom, an associate with Windermere Real Estate in Edmonds, Wash., follows up an e-mail with a personal visit. He drives to the home within 24 hours of e-mailing the CMA a prospect has requested on the HouseValues site and knocks on the door. Although some prospects are initially taken aback, “it takes about 30 seconds to break down the barriers,” says Lofstrom. This technique allowed him to convert about 5 percent of the 114 leads he got last year. Now he gets about 60 leads a month and has hired an assistant. "

You can read the full story here.