Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Making Market Leaders

This email from a customer in Virginia was more than worth sharing. It's a great reminder that we're not just selling products, not just selling leads, not just selling CRM services. If we do our job right, we're selling success.

From: Holly Clark
Sent: Tue 4/11/2006
Subject: Awards

Dear Tamara:

Since most of my emails are asking for help, I thought you would like to have one that shows my success from JustListed, HouseValues and HomePages.

We just had our Awards Banquets for my Office (which we are #1 in our market) my Association and all of ERA USA.

Well, you know I only use your product to conduct my business.

I WON Awards from all three companies!!!

I am in the Top 10% of all Agents in my Association for 2005
I am in the Top 5% of all Agents in my Office for 2005
I am in the Top 10% of all ERA Agents USA for 2005

I grossed over $100,000 for my first full year as an agent and sold over $5 Million from JustListed and HouseValues alone! THANK YOU HOUSEVALUES!!!

Plus -- for the first 2 months of 2006 I am within the Top 25 Agents for ERA in my Region!!!

My name has been in the paper, I have been getting calls to join committees, list homes (3 appointments this week alone). Other agents in my office are now asking more about JustListed, HouseValues and HomePages -- most of these people thought I was crazy for using the Internet to conduct my business, now they all want to know how I did it. :-)

Well, back to work I go, but I thought I would let you know I am grateful for all you do for me.

Have a wonderful day!
Holly :-)

Holly Clark, Realtor

ERA OakCrest Realty Inc.
2045 Valley Ave.
Winchester, VA 22601