Monday, April 17, 2006

Find it on HomePages!

If you spend enough time looking at home listings and neighborhood photographs, you’ll find some interesting and unexpected things. People mowing their lawns. Cars caught draining oil onto the street as they drive. A traffic citation in progress. Kids making faces in the front window of their home (while the real estate agent takes the listing photo).

We’ve found a bunch of similarly interesting (and unexpected) things on HomePages. If you find them too, or find others, we’ll reward you with prizes. Here’s how it works:

Below is a list of things you could find on HomePages:

On Neighborhood Images
· A traffic citation in progress (with squad car lights flashing)
· An entire construction crew waving into the sky
· A baseball game in progress
· A birthday party in the park
· An accident on the freeway

In Home Listings
· Baby in diapers watching through the front window
· Lady in bikini standing on front porch (for curb appeal?)
· Man mowing front lawn
· Sunbather in back-yard photo

If you find these on HomePages, send the link to If you find other interesting things, send those too (and point out what you found interesting). Every entry we receive will be entered into a drawing for 10 Starbuck’s gift cards.

Start searching, and good luck!