Friday, April 14, 2006

Doug Lofstrom, First Time Speaker

Yesterday afternoon, we were honored to have Doug Lofstrom in our office. Doug is a real estate agent with Windermere in Edmonds, Washington, and visited our office to talk with the staff about his experiences with HouseValues. What an amazing afternoon, an amazing story, and a truly amazing individual.

Doug joined HouseValues last August, and since that time has already had transactions representing more than $200,000 from his HouseValues subscription. In fact, his very first lead from HouseValues resulted in four transactions - a combination of the primary lead's home as well as the homes of family members.

Doug's story is truly inspirational. He was struggling with cancer and juggling career opportunities just four years ago. A year later he gave real estate a shot, and this year he is on pace to earn more than $300,000 in commissions. Next year he already has a goal of more than $500K in income.

And the kicker? Doug had never spoken publicly before yesterday. Based on the spell-bound HouseValues employees, you never would have known it.

Thanks again, Doug, for sharing your story and your passion with us.