Monday, April 17, 2006

A BBQ champion in our midst

At HouseValues, we already knew that we worked with some of the best and brightest minds in the Seattle area and in real estate. What we didn't know, until recently, is that we also work with a BBQ champion.

Carla Hadley works in our coaching and account management department, and for the past six years has competed internationally on the BBQ circuit. She's won several awards, including Party of the Year at the
American Royal last year in Kansas City (best among 450 competitors!), and this year will compete at the Memphis in May International BBQ Competition (known as the Super Bowl of Swine). In fact, several of Carla's HouseValues clients are traveling to Memphis to see her compete.

Last Monday, Carla pulled her BBQ pit up to the HouseValues parking lot and made pulled pork sandwiches. People are still talking about them.

Carla's BBQ has been so good, in fact, that Food Network came to Seattle a couple years ago to interview her for a BBQ special. Problem was, Carla got so flustered during the interview that Food Network wasn't able to use the interview in their program.

Enter Toastmasters. Through the HouseValues Toastmasters program, Carla has gained the confidence to speak publicly again. In Memphis next month, she's set up for another shot at that Food Network interview.

The stories go on and on. Carla and her BBQ crew annually cook approximately 550 pounds of pork (partially pictured above) as part of a charity event for the Market Foundation, benefiting the Pike Market in downtown Seattle. She also produces a weekly email newsletter, entitled Cooking with Carla, in which she shares recipes and cooking tips with her fans (Click here to sign up!).

Good luck, Carla, next month in Memphis!