Tuesday, March 14, 2006

That's some big toast!

Toastmasters has been a big deal at HouseValues for the past couple years. It was an organization that founder Mark Powell felt strongly about, and learned from early in his career, and he encouraged sales and customer service reps at HouseValues to give it a try. Several did.

Today, the HouseValues Toastmasters Club is the second largest in the Puget Sound area (behind only Microsoft), and is also the second-largest in Western Washington. It's been a great way for employees to hone their public speaking and presentation skills in a safe environment.

As the club continues to grow in size, it's expanding beyond just regular meetings & events. It's getting involved in local youth leadership programs, including work with Toastmasters groups at local junior high and high schools, to help more young people develop skills and confidence that will benefit them in almost any profession.