Friday, March 24, 2006

Success with HomePages, caught on tape!

Sherry Daminski yesterday hosted our latest Mastermind Conference call, speaking with several thousand HouseValues customers about what she's done to grow her business. Her story is amazing - more than 15,000 prospective customers in her pipeline, with a slew of creative marketing ideas to boot. She's a classic example of an Agent CEO.

On the call, Sherry also talked about how she's recently been using HomePages to impress her customers and win new listings. Check out this audio clip from yesterday's call, in which Sherry describes how HomePages has been integrated into her listing presentation, and how she's been able to differentiate herself from other agents in the market with a more effective, Internet-based marketing strategy.

Powerful stuff, and I can't tell you how excited this makes us for the impact we're having on the lives and businesses of our customers.