Thursday, March 02, 2006

Put my home on HomePages, please.

A senior member of our sales team got a phone call recently from an agent in Morgan Hill, California. The agent said she wanted to subscribe to HomePages right away.

Not a surprising phone call, since we've significantly ramped up the advertising machine for HomePages in the past two months, but this agent was particularly adamant about getting herself up on the site quickly.

Turns out, a home seller had walked into her office earlier in the day, ready to sell her home. The seller said she would be willing to list her home with the agent's brokerage, but only if her home could be featured on

This wasn't the first time we'd heard such a story. Agents nationwide are reporting that HomePages is their new secret weapon to winning more listings. And it's fantastic that consumer awareness and demand is growing so quickly, and driving equal demand from real estate agents.
And we're just getting started. Wait until you see what we have coming next...