Thursday, March 16, 2006

The perfect house just wasn't good enough

Heard an interesting story from a subscriber in Texas today. She had an out-of-town buyer contact her last July to look at listings. Wasn't quite ready to buy just then, but a couple weeks ago called back and was ready. Offer written and accepted on a house earlier this week. Great testimonial to the fact that consumers are researching early, but it takes patience to be there when they're ready to actively buy or sell.

What was most interesting about this story, however, was how played a critical role in the home buyer's decision-making process. The consumer had used to search for not just listings in the Plano, Texas area, but also local neighborhood amenities - especially schools. You see, the home buyer is a vet, and has many pets. She actually didn't want to live anywhere close to a school, for fear that one of her pets might tangle with the kids, or visa versa.

Great example of how important the neighborhood context is when people look for homes. For this buyer, knowing what was in and around the neighborhood was critical to finding just the perfect home for herself - as well as her many roommates.