Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Online real estate discussed tomorrow night

Tomorrow evening, HouseValues VP of Corporate Development Nikesh Parekh will join executives from other local online real estate companies, including RedFin and Zillow, on a panel discussion sponsored by the MIT Enterprise Forum. According to the folks who organized the event, this event sold out quicker than any they've ever done, and the % of local real estate agents and brokers in attendance is expected to be large.

It's been particularly interesting to watch the buzz growing for this event in the past few weeks. Some interesting pre-event commentary can be found here, here, and here.

We don't tend to do a lot of events like this, but the forum should be a great opportunity to share with a local audience of both real estate and technology professionals how we're different, and how we've been able to successfully build an online real estate category-leading product - both for consumers and real estate professionals.

More than 16,000 real estate professionals nationwide now use HouseValues to grow their business, including more than 700 real estate agents in the Seattle market alone, and hundreds of thousands of consumers every month request information from a real estate professional across our network of sites.

It should be a lively discussion tomorrow night, including Q&A from the audience. Look for a recap of the event on this blog later in the week.