Friday, March 31, 2006

Marketing Success

We are luck to have a very high-touch business, with literally thousands of customer conversations every day via email and phone. Because of this, we get a lot of feedback - about our products, about improvements, success stories, etc. Not only does this provide invaluable first-person research on what's working well and what we should build next to make our customers successful, but it also provides us with a constant flow of customer success stories that motivate and inspire customers, prospects and employees alike.

Many of these success stories end up taking the form of what we call Profiles in Success, which we make available via the Agent Success Network (examples here, here and here). But customer success stories take many shapes.

Below is a brief Q&A with a new HomePages subscriber in Georgia. He's one of many agents nationwide realizing that his customers are online, and his HomePages subscription gives him a critical advantage that's significantly accelerating his listing presentation win rate (hard to beat 100%).

Bryan Lazaroff
BuyAgent Realty, LLC
Acworth, Georgia

Q: Why did you join HomePages and purchase the Showcase Marketing Package?
A: I joined HomePages to have another marketing advantage in generating listings and more leads.

Q: How is HomePages impacting your business?
A: I love it! It is helping me close 100% of the listing presentations! Also, I have received a handful of leads from the volume of visitors alone.

Q: What specific features and/or tools from HomePages do you use in your business?
A: I use the signs for every listing along with the Home ID#. The additional signage in the seller’s yard directs traffic to my HomePages site, which is a big plus. Neighbors interested in selling take notice of the signs on the listing and become curious. I also have customized the HomePages Listing Presentation and use it every time! In addition, I send out all my pre-listing packets using the HomePages folders.

Q: What do your customers find particularly valuable?
A: Sellers benefit from the national exposure of their listings, while buyers find value in getting property and neighborhood information from the site. They also find comfort of using an extreme tech-savvy agent through HomePages!

Q: What would you tell other real estate agents and/or home buyers/sellers about HomePages?
A: With approximately 80% of real estate interest geared toward the Internet, positioning yourself with HomePages is leverage at its best! Agents can utilize their own HomePages Web site as a marketing tool as well as for leads.

Q: What objectives and goals do you have for HomePages?
A: I plan to continue to promote my listings as well as driving traffic to the site.