Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Great Ideas from HomePages Customers

We recently asked customers what they're doing to leverage HomePages in their business to win more listings and get more customers. The response was overwhelming, and very creative. There are some incredibly smart marketers out there, already innovating the HomePages opportunity to make it a more powerful marketing tool for real estate agents.

Here are a couple examples of what HomePages customers are already doing:

Jay from Tucson, Arizona writes:

"I held an open house recently and had my laptop computer open to my HomePages Web site with a close-up of the property so guests could see the surrounding area. I let them navigate the area and showed them shopping centers, schools and parks. They were very impressed. It also gave them visual answers to questions that most buyers have, rather than simply giving them stats and numbers. I gave out printed flyers of the HomePages map of the property and my contact information."

The Zamarelli team in Warren, Ohio writes:

"We’re meeting with owners of restaurants, cafes, and other businesses listed on HomePages in our area. I bring my laptop and show the business on the HomePages map on my Web site. I ask them to link to our site from their Web site, if they have one, and in turn we will link to them from our main Web site.

I also invite them to keep a guestbook that asks for each patron’s name, phone, email address and also asks if they would like to be informed of discounts or information. We collect this information from each business and send each person an email with an offer provided by the business, such as a coupon or event announcement.

I regularly send out these emails on the business’ behalf. It’s a win-win for both of us! The business address and a "see us up close" link to our HomePages site appear in each email. The business gets repeat customers, and we get first-time and repeat visitors to our HomePages site. Customers may also find our HomePages site from the business’ site. Every person who requests home information is managed in Market Leader!"