Sunday, March 05, 2006

All roads lead to HomePages

As we built HomePages last year, we knew the neighborhood context was key when people looked for their next home. Allowing people to access a bird's eye view of the neighborhood not only helped them understand the home they would buy, but the area in which they would live - including nearby businesses and amenities, but also nearby parks, how close neighbors were, topographical features and more.

But also important to consumers were the actual roads. As of this weekend, consumers can choose to view roads and street names on their maps as well, to help them navigate a given area they might not know very well, and help them drive around to homes they are particularly interested in.

It was important for us to make this an optional feature - to allow consumers to turn on and off this road information. Some consumers want it, some don't need it. As has been the case for HomePages since the beginning, it's all about consumer empowerment and choice. Giving consumers access to all of the information they might need, all contextually in one easy-to-use site, and then giving consumers the opportunity to personalize their experience - all of this is key.